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Essential Oils

By Alan Howell

Please note that this site is for information only and it is not possible to place orders here. Please e-mail or Telephone any orders you may have.


Touch Life With Beauty

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Welcome to Shechina Essential Oils Web-site.  The products available from our range are intended for use by professional healthcare therapists and are NOT intended for use by the lay public.  Whilst the products are of natural origin, many of them may be toxic if not used with extreme care and caution.  Please use only those products which you have studied, many of the oils available are for use by Medical Herbalists and NOT Aromatherapists.  If in doubt please ask, or do not use.  The purpose of this site is to augment the information available to our current customers, and to save natural resources!

We are Open as Usual

250mls Size now Only £11.95

(Note this does not include the pump dispenser)

100mls Size now Only £5.35

(Note this does not include the spray dispenser)

FFP3 Masks £14.95 each

Hand Sanitiser

Due to the unexpectedly high demand for this sanitiser we have been able to buy larger quantities and significantly reduce the pricing by around 30%.

In response to the high demand in March we have developed a Natural Derived Hand Sanitiser.   It is a simple base consisting of Alcohol at 70%, Aloe Vera and Glycerin (to help prevent the hands from drying out), and Spring Water.  It is suitable for adding your own blend of Essential Oils.

This is a very thin liquid sanitiser with no gelling agents, so it does not leave the hand feeling sticky after use and can be used with a Spray as well as a Flip-top lid or Pump

This product is supplied in our usual bottles and sizes.  We have pumps, flip tops and sprays available for most of our standard sized plastic bottles.


Soap Products

新年快乐    2022

Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy Chinese New Year of The Yang Black Water Tiger