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Essential Oils

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Touch Life With Beauty

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About Us

Alan Howell studied Herbal Medicine in 1985, interested in the energetics of plant material he redirected his study towards subtle energy medicine.  Alan studied at the British School of Shiatsu-Do and qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner.  His desire to work holistically means that his bodywork is now augmented by nutritional and environmental advice.  This combination of Herbal, Nutritional, Environmental and Bodywork is all driven by a desire to harmonise the body’s energetic system.  He specialises in a branch of Shiatsu known as Shin-Tai. Directly translated this means source-body, supporting optimum Physical, Emotional and Spiritual harmony. Whilst studying Herbal Medicine, Alan was using essential oils internally. Unhappy with the quality of oils available on the retail market he started sourcing  them himself.  Alan now supplies an extensive range of high quality oils to Professional Therapists. His work with subtle energy is reflected in the choice of Essential Oils, and is a priority in the storage and bottling process.    For several years he supplied friends and colleagues with oils to use in their own practices, sharing costs and keeping prices low.  The business grew by word of mouth and has resulted in a business in its own right.  The philosophy has stayed the same though: to provide superior quality oils for therapists to use in their practice, with consideration to the end user (the client), and with care for the environment that is our home - Mother Earth.

All of the oils supplied are true to species and country of origin as printed on the label, and although details on the printed price list may be outdated we aim to keep these details updated on this web-site, but please ask if in doubt.


Touch Life With Beauty

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