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Essential Oils

By Alan Howell

Miscellaneous Items Illustrations

These two rings are designed to simply sit on the top of an electric light bulb in a table lamp. The oils are place on the rings and the heat from the bulb will help to diffuse the aroma.


Natural Terra Cotta

These labels come in two sheets, each of seventy-seven pre-printed round labels to fit the tops of the bottles. They are printed with the names of all but the newest of the essential oils in our range, with duplicates of the most popular oils. They make recognition of bottles in boxes very simple, and help to save time in practice.

These plastic, disposable pipettes are graduated to measure up to three mls, and allow accurate counting of drops too.

Table Lamp Aromizers

Bottle-top Labels

Plastic disposable pipettes

Aroma Necklace

These necklaces come in  a variety of colours and shapes and take a drop of oil. The aroma exudes through the unglazed back of the necklace providing a constant release of the oil to the wearer.

Please click here to see full size pictures of the sheets of labels

Bottle Top Label Illustrations Touch Life With Beauty