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Essential Oils

By Alan Howell

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Learning To Touch Life With Beauty

The Energetics of Essential Oils

Five Elements and Aromatherapy

A Two Day Workshop

with Alan Howell

of Shechina

Days: Friday/Saturday                     Time: 10.00 - 6.00

Date:  2nd & 3rd  December  2022   Cost: £245 (including VAT)

Venue: South Kensington, London

General Course Overview

This two day workshop for Aromatherapists will aim to teach the basic concepts of The Five Element system used in Chinese Medicine and its application to Aromatherapy.

Covering the fundamentals of The Five Elements, students will go on to understand how to classify a clients health imbalance into one of these five categories. They will  subsequently be able to select oils from an Eastern viewpoint as well as from a conventional Western stance. Students will be able to immediately integrate these techniques with their clients since this system will augment their current prescribing process rather than offering an alternative.

Whilst a lot of the workshop will be theoretical, students will be encouraged to get a ‘feel’ for the Five Elements and hence the concept becomes more real.

Course Content

Day  One

Introduction to the Taoist principles of energy, alongside the Quantum Mechanics theories of Physics where Physics and Philosphy intersect.  The concepts of Yin & Yang; The Meridian System as an energetic connection to the physical body; The Five Elements and their interconnected relationships; The Five Elements, their order, connections and properties; The Creative Cycle; The Control Cycle; The rudiments of Five Elemental Diagnosis.

Day Two

The Energetic's of Essential Oils; The Elemental qualities of Essential Oils;

The Elemental use of Essential Oils; Five Elemental diagnostic techniques. Application of Five Elemental diagnostic techniques to enhance the selection of therapeutic oils, using real case histories.

Alan prefers to work by example and so students are encouraged to share case histories so that the examples used are true to life. Students are invited and encouraged to bring case histories for discussion.


Students will be given handouts for the oil information but should still be prepared to make their own notes on the theory content.

What to bring

Paper, pens (colours preferably Blue, Green, Red, Brown/Orange/Yellow, Grey), Case Histories,

What to wear

Comfort is crucial to the learning process so please wear loose comfortable clothing


Continuing Professional Development (C.P.D.) certificates will be issued at the end of the course for those requiring them.

About your Tutor

Alan Howell studied Herbal Medicine in 1985, interested in the energetic's of plant material he redirected his study towards subtle energy medicine.  Alan studied at the British School of Shiatsu-Do and qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner.  His desire to work holistically means that his bodywork is now augmented by nutritional and environmental advice.  This combination of Herbal, Nutritional, Environmental and Bodywork is all driven by a desire to harmonise the body’s energetic system.  He specialises in a branch of Shiatsu known as Shin-Tai. Directly translated this means source-body, supporting optimum Physical, Emotional and Spiritual harmony. Whilst studying Herbal Medicine, Alan was using essential oils internally. Unhappy with the quality of oils available on the retail market he started sourcing  them himself.  Alan now supplies an extensive range of high quality oils to Professional Therapists. His work with subtle energy is reflected in the choice of Essential Oils, and is a priority in the storage and bottling process.  Alan has travelled extensively sourcing oils, studying, teaching and researching whilst on his journeys.  He has studied many ancient philosophies and has sought the common connections. He has taught at Aromatherapy schools in the U.K. and in Asia and has been a guest speaker on Radio and at Aromatherapy Conferences. Alan’s unique background enables him to integrate various philosophies and his teaching is unique in its simplicity.


Please bring a packed lunch but drinks will be provided.

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