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Essential Oils

By Alan Howell

Aroma Nasal Inhalers

Aroma Inhalers

Outer sleeve                            Inhaler                               Cotton Wick                            Plug

Step 1: Simply saturate the cotton stick with 10 - 20 drops of the desired essential oil or blend.

Step 2: Insert the saturated cotton wick into the Inhaler and secure the plug.

Step 3: Tightly screw on the outer sleeve to keep scent from drying out.

To use the aroma Inhaler:

Just open the container and smell the aroma from the small holes of the inhaler.

Make your own aroma nasal inhaler sticks with this blank nasal inhaler tube






Per pack of 10

Per pack of 50

Per pack of 100

All Prices on this page are inclusive of V.A.T at 20% applicable within the U.K., and include postage within Great Britain.

There is a small order surcharge of £5.45 on orders under 9 items

Now also available in Pink, Orange and Brown

Wick Refills are available for these Inhalers              Per pack of 10         £2.95

                                                                                   Per pack of 100      £23.55

Touch Life With Beauty

Please note for Nasal Inhalers only the postage charge for

up to 25 inhalers is £3.60 and for 26 - 50 Inhlalers is £3.95

These are available in:

Light Green  Dark Green   Purple       Red        White     Yellow         Grey           Black           Blue

due to different computer monitors/calibrations colours may vary slightly from the picture