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Essential Oils

By Alan Howell


Botanical Name :   Ocimum sanctum    

Common Name :   Tulsi (Holy Basil)    

Family :  Lamiaceae   

Oil extracted from :  Flowers, Leaves (whole plant)    

Essentaial Oil Yield :      

Cultivated in :   India (30-100cm in height, ubiquitous in    

  Hindu tradition)    

Extraction method :   Distillation   

Chemical Group :   Phenol  

Mind Body Qualities (Emotional) :       

Stimulant - instant pick me up (leave juice - energy drink)       


Mind Body Interactions (Emotional) :       

antistress, adaptogenic, promote tranquility, antidepression  both spelling & animating, use in spiritual to connection  with higher self as result divesting one's grief and fear      


Subtle Quality :       

Element :  Fire   

Ayurvedic:  Decreases Vata and Kapha and Increases Pitta

Energy :   Heating and Pungent    

Meridians/ Organs Energised :   Heart Constrictor / Triple Warmer    

Chakra :   Crown  Due to its "sacred' implication        Heart         Sacral

Contra-indications :       

No formal testing, avoid in pregnancy & children,  may irritate skin, avoid casual breathing of vapors      


Chemical Constituents :      






Phenols     (ursolic acid, apigenin, luteolin)      

                    Eugenol   35 - 70%  

                    Methyl ethen    10 - 20%   

                    Carvacrol   4 - 6%  


Odour :            

Clear, pale yellow to yellow, fresh sweet-spicy scent, typical odour of Eugenol (reminiscent of clove), not as pungent as basil,            


Physical Uses :       

Antiallergic-inhibit mast cell degranulation & histamine release      

Carminative                        Cardiac depressant    

Antibacterial                        Diaphoretic    

Anabolic                              Diuretic    

Antiseptic                            Expectorant   

Antispasmotic                     Febrifuge    

Anthelmintic                       Germicidial    

Adaptogenic                       Hypoglycemic    

Antifertility                           Immunomodulator    

Antifungal                           Nervine    


Antiviral-inhibites the growth of E coli, B.anthracis,  M.tuberculosis      

Tulsi extract shortens the course of illness, clinical symptoms in patients with viral hepatitis & viral encephalitis      


Mind Body Qualities (Physical) :       

Nervous :       

good for headache, strenghthen nerve tissue & increase memory       


Integumentary-skin :       

antimalarial, insecticidal, insects repellant, used in parasitical diseases of skin,       

Respiratory :       

management of respiratory problems, catarrh, bronchitis,  cough, cold, sinus congestion, flu. (It removes excess kapha from the lungs & nasal passage,  increasing prana & sensory acuity)       


Smooth muscle relaxant, arthritis, rheumatism,        


positive effect over blood pressure, regular use to prevent heart attacks      


immunomodulator, enhance immunity and metabolic functions, immunological disorder including allergies and asthma,  remove toxic, leukaemia       


Carminative, digestive stimulant,  good for cholera, abdominal distention, reduce fat in regular use, nausea      

(It remove high vata from the colon, improves absorption)       


one of the major constituents of the leaves, ursolic acid, has been reported to possess antifertility. This effect has been attributed to it's antiestrogenic effect which may be responsible for arrest of spermatogenesis (increase semen) in males & inhibitory effection implantation of ovum in females.       



Blends Well With :      

lavender, clary sage, thyme, cedarwood, bergamot,  geranium, orange     


Student Notes :             

Water Solubility : Slight             

Health : Slightly hazardous, may be irritating to skin and eyes            

Tulsi is the most sacred plant in India. Its quality is pure Sattva. Tulsi opens the heart and mind, bestowing the energy of love and devotion. Sacred to Vishnu and Krishna, it strengthens faith, compassion and clarity. Tulsi Beads are worn by Indian Holy men to promote attachment to God and used for chanting on to increase divine by clearing the aura and strengthening the immune system. It contains a natural form of mercury which is non toxic free from the toxic elements that are in liquid which gives the seed power of pure awareness.             

The plant should be kept in evey house for its purifing influence. Tulsi absorbs negative ions, and liberates ozone from the sun rays.             

Compiled by Ada Lui

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