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By Alan Howell

Dear customers, patients and colleagues,
I am writing on behalf of all at Helios to ask for your help.

A review of the Medicines Act 1968 is currently taking place. Section 10 of this Act concerns licensing exemptions for pharmacists, and covers our freedom to supply a large number of different homoeopathic remedies. This section has not been updated despite a public consultation last January, to which the entire homoeopathic community submitted their concerns and suggestions.

The vast majority of the 3500 remedies available from homoeopathic pharmacies are unlicensed. The 60 or so remedies which are licensed are those retailed in health stores and community pharmacies and include Helios' licensed remedies. Section 10 (4a) states that a pharmacy can supply an unlicensed remedy to you directly but you have to be physically present in the pharmacy. For the last 44 years and beyond, the specialist pharmacies have provided homoeopathic medicines, to all corners of the country, by phone, post, fax and more recently e-mail and internet. This is a safe and convenient service which has continued without complaint or risk to customers for decades and it is important that access to remedies continues. The practical suggestion put forward was that homoeopathic remedies above 6x be exempt from this face to face transaction.

Time is short but there is an opportunity now to highlight this issue and effect a change by writing to your MP. Below is a letter created by the homoeopathic organisations which is being circulated. It gives details of how you can help. We would be grateful if you could take the time to let your MP know the impact that the enforcement of this law would have on your choice of healthcare and lifestyle if access to your remedies were severely restricted. Don't forget to include your home address and postcode on all correspondence.
Thank you very much.

This campaign also has a global petition at Avaaz: ?eNXFaab

Finally if you are a Facebook user, liking the 'Homeopathy worked for me' page will help to show the depth of homoeopathic support.

With all good wishes.

John Morgan MRPharmS, RSHom
Managing Director
21st May 2012
Please feel free to forward this e-mail.

Your access to homeopathic medicines is under threat

The Medicines Act is being simplified, which is a good thing because much duplication is being removed. However, as a result there are some key elements which could adversely affect your access to homeopathic medicines if the proposals go into force.
What will happen to my access to homeopathic medicines?
If the current proposals by the MHRA are endorsed by government the following would occur:

What you can do to stop this from happening!
Write to your MP and tell him or her - especially if your MP sits on the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments or is involved with Health or Pharmacy.
We are not asking to move mountains. All that needs to be done is a small change to Section 10 of the proposed new Medicines Act to allow greater freedom to dispense remedies to practitioners and could also overcome the face-to-face issue which is unworkable.
On the next page you will find a few helpful bullets and links to assist you in contacting your MP on this issue.
It is anticipated that the new Medicines Act will be put before the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments for approval in late May/early June for implementation in July, so your swift action is critical!
Write to your MP: Medicines Act consolidation 2012
You can identify the name of your MP by using this website:
You can find out who sits on what committees by going to this website:
A few helpful points that could be used in your letter.
It is not necessary or recommended to include all the text suggested here.
It is critical that you personalise your letter with your own views and experiences. Overall, try to keep the letter short (a page or less), and emphasise any points that are relevant to the particular MP.