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Essential Oils

By Alan Howell


Cistus Hydrosol is used for its beneficial properties which are tightening and powerful anti-aging! Used to clean wounds since it's beneficial astringency and detoxifying benefits are readily available. Touted to be a wrinkle plumper while helping to erase fine lines.

Cistus Hydrosol is astringent, antiviral, cicatrisant, styptic, immunostimulant, useful for wound and scar care, antiwrinkle prevention and plumping skin cells. Useful at times of distress and shock.

Hydrosols are essentially used to create facial toners and other skin products. They can also be used for bathing, or as a light cologne or body spray.  Cistus hydrosols help to minimize the effects of aging, wrinkles, dry and chapped skin and skin rashes.


- Powerful bactericide

- Neurotonic

- Harmonizing the nervous system

- Virucidal

- Healing and repairer

- Helps fight against bleeding

- Activates the microcirculation

- Astringent, cleansing skin

- Anti-aging and smoothing

Physical, energy and psycho-emotional indications

- Cutaneous wound, razor burn

- Menorrhagia

- Crohn's disease

- Late acne

- Rosacea

- Harmonization of the nervous system

Indications by internal way

Acne, fibroid, venous inflammation, autoimmune disease, all viral diseases. Cartesian mind excessively rational , exaggerated perctionism, fear of loneliness, obsessive behaviour.

Dilute 20mls of hydrosol in 1 litre of water. To drink during the day.

Indications by external way

Healing tonic for acne and / or wrinkles, skin regenerator

Directions for use :

Spray to stop the bleeding from a wound. Local application in cases of dermatitis.

Late acne by internal and external way: 20mls of Cistus Hydrosol 20mls of Damascus Rose Hydrosol. Drink daily in 1 litre of water until improvement.


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